Claims Below Deductible

When your Insurance Company determines your claim damages to be “below deductible” that means that the estimate created by your insurance adjuster is either less than your policy deductible or, once your policy is deducted from the estimate amount that your Insurance Company believes your damages to be worth, the total is 0.00.

Please, notice that a “below deductible” determination concludes that your Insurance Company did believe to find damages at your property and are assuming responsibility for the damages.

The next step is to provide the carrier with OUR EXPERT ESTIMATE created by our expert loss consultant. Your Insurance Company will review our estimate to re-evaluate their initial determination for possible supplement payment or requests to proceed with further assessing your claim.

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Free Inspection

If you have damage, but you’re not sure if you’re able to file an insurance claim, don’t worry! We perform FREE site inspections. Our adjusters will meet you at the property to assess the damages, review your policy and assess claim viability. If you have a covered loss, we can prepare and file the claim on your behalf.


We handle claims that deal with perils such as Fire, Flood, Lightning, Pipe Leaks, Roof Leaks, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Theft, Vandalism, Impact, Law & Ordinance, Power Surge, Sink Holes, and many other types of damage.


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