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If you reported a claim and believe the Insurance Company has not made a fair determination on payment for your damages, including determining your claim to be below deductible, we can represent you on your claim and help you get the fair determination you are entitled to as the insured. Even if you reported the claim, and your insurance company has not made a determination of your claim, you may hire our company. Actually, You may hire our company any point during your claims process, there is no time frame to obtain representation.

Once we advise your insurance company that we have been retained to represent you, our company will send our expert loss consultant to your property to evaluate your claim, review your policy and existing claims documents. We will discuss all of your options and will explain what we feel would be the best approach to obtain the most favorable outcome for your claim.

Our services will include creating our expert dwelling estimate. This estimate will be the base for negotiations for your claim, this estimate will be based on comparables of all construction material and labor prices. It is our expert opinion on what it would cost to fully repair your property. Our expert estimate will then be sent to your insurance company to begin negotiations to ensure that we obtain the funds you will need to make full repair to your property.

We will always comply with your insurance company’s request on gathering all of the information needed to make a fair determination of your loss. This may include several inspections to your property, production of documents as requested ,recorded statements and a sworn proof of loss. Our office will inform you once your insurance company begins negotiation and new money offers to settle your claim.

Please note that per insurance policies there is no set time frame for negotiating supplemental claims.

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First Time Insurance Claims

First Time Claims

Step none is an initial site assessment inspection with an OMNI Public Insurance Adjuster.

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Insurance Claim Denials

Claim Denials

If your claim has been denied, we can help you obtain funds for your damages.

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Insurance Claims Below Deductible

Below Deductible

Provide the carrier with our expert estimate, created by our expert loss consultant.

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Free Inspection

If you have damage, but you’re not sure if you’re able to file an insurance claim, don’t worry! We perform FREE site inspections. Our adjusters will meet you at the property to assess the damages, review your policy and assess claim viability. If you have a covered loss, we can prepare and file the claim on your behalf.


We handle claims that deal with perils such as Fire, Flood, Lightning, Pipe Leaks, Roof Leaks, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Theft, Vandalism, Impact, Law & Ordinance, Power Surge, Sink Holes, and many other types of damage.


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