Lightning Damage

Lightning is among nature’s most dangerous phenomena. They are unpredictable, travel fast, carries huge amounts of energy, and reach extremely high temperatures. That’s why, when lightning strikes your property or a nearby tree, it can trigger a fire in a matter of seconds.

In addition to fire threats, the most feared effect of lightning is the electrical surge they produce.

The electrical overload caused by this surge can damage appliances, phone systems, computers, and even the entire electrical system of your building. Another type of lightning-related damage is the explosive shock wave. Shock waves created by lightning can easily fracture stone, concrete, and bricks as well as shatter glass and blow out plaster walls. Whether it’s because of fire, electrical surge, or shock waves, extensive lightning-related damage can leave your property uninhabitable and your business out of operation. 

Insurance claims that involve lightning strike are very complex and delicate.

It’s important to differentiate between damage caused by lightning-related fire or shock waves, and damage caused by lightning-related electrical overload. Insurance companies often require proof that the power surge was the direct result of a lightning strike, and not of faulty power lines or transformers. When filing a claim with your insurance company, you will need someone by your side to assist you and help you overcome the challenges of this situation. Omni Claims Consultants is here to help you.

If you’ve been affected by lightning, please call us immediately. Our public adjusters will meet you at the property to evaluate the damages, review your policy, and assess the viability of your claim. We will help you to extensively document your claim in order to prevent it from being denied or minimized. We ask you to call us right away because by becoming involved since the very beginning of the claim process, we can set the tone for the entire negotiation and ensure that you receive a good settlement from your insurance company. Omni Claims Consultants will be there to advocate only for you and your property. We will represent your interests, not the insurance company.

In addition to calling us, you may also take additional steps to secure your property and prevent further damage and fatal accidents.

Here’s a short list of recommendations and advice from our experts:

  • If your house is directly hit by lightning, call the fire department. Fires initiated by lightning tend to occur inside enclosed spaces of your home, such as the attic; that’s why they may not be visible in their beginning stages. It doesn't matter that you don’t see fire, call 911 anyways. 

  • The fire department will assess your property for potential fire damage. Once your home is found to be safe, you will be able to return inside. Do not enter your property until the fire department tells you it is safe to go.

  • Where possible, try to mitigate the damage. For example, if your roof is damaged try to put a tarp on it. If your windows were shattered try to cover them with plywood. (Remember that it is your responsibility to prevent further damages from affecting your property).

  • We strongly advise that you document all damages to your property. Take as many photographs and videos as you can.

  • Make a written list of everything that was damaged by the lightning. 

  • If, due to damage, your property becomes unlivable and you have to make additional expenses such as accommodations, food, hotels, etc., we recommend that you keep all receipts for these expenses. 

Lightning damage claims can be very tricky and complex. That’s why it’s important to have our experts on your side right from the beginning. Don’t forget to call Omni Claims Consultants right away.

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