Pipe Leaks

Accidental leaks can affect your property at any moment. Some of the most common causes are rusty pipes, uneven water pressure, cracks caused by abrupt changes in temperature, and roots of trees breaking through the pipes.

Pipe leaks can cause considerable damage to your property and belongings.

Among the most feared consequence of unattended leaks is the spread of mold and mildew. These fungi grow in moist and humid environments. They produce spores that travel through your ventilation system, infecting other areas of your property and causing serious health issues. In addition, leaky pipes can produce extensive structural damage along the walls, floors, and dry walls of your premises.

If your property suffers from pipe leaks, we recommend that you call Omni Claims Consultants immediately.

Our experienced public adjusters will meet you at your property to assess the full scope of your losses, review your policy, and assess claim viability. We will help you to carefully document your claim in order to prevent it from being denied or minimized by the insurance company. 

By becoming involved since the very beginning of the claim, Omni Claims Consultants can set the tone for the entire negotiation process and ensure that you receive the most from your insurance company. We work only on your behalf to make sure that you receive the maximum possible settlement. We will be there to advocate only for you and your property. Call us as soon as you can. The sooner the better.

In addition to calling us, you may also take additional steps to secure your property and prevent further damage and fatal accidents.

Here’s a short list of recommendations and advice from our experts:

  • It doesn’t matter how mild your property’s water damage appear to be, always take extreme caution when entering an affected house or room. Do not attempt to do anything that may put you or your family at risk. 

  • When there’s a pipe leak, water will spread from floor to floor; consequently, there may be additional damage that may not be immediately visible.

  • Where possible, try to mitigate the damage. For example, shutting off the water and removing carpeting and padding that has the potential for mold growth. Find a professional water damage remediation company to dry out your property. (Remember that, as the insured, it is your obligation to mitigate further damages to your property). 

  • Take Pictures, as many as you can. Document everything, even details that may seem irrelevant. A varied and accurate documentation of the damages to your property will help our experts to represent your claim with your insurance company. 

  • Make notes of the time, date, and visible damage to the structure and any of your belongings.

  • If, due to damage, your property becomes unlivable and you have to make additional expenses such as accommodations, food, hotels, etc., we recommend that you keep all receipts for these expenses. 

Remember, it’s important to have Omni Claims Consultants on your side right from the beginning. Don’t forget to call us right away.

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