Theft and Vandalism

Theft or vandalism to your property may bring you the most stressful and traumatic feelings. Theft and vandalism are considered very serious crimes in the United States. Theft is defined as the act of stealing your goods; vandalism is the intentional and malicious damage to your property and / or goods. Although these crimes can happen at any moment, they are more prone to occur when your property is not occupied (during the day, while you’re at work, or during holidays, when you’re traveling).

If you walk into your home and find out that it has been burglarized or vandalized, the first step is to CALL the POLICE.

The police will then compile a report listing of all your stolen items. You must ensure the highest level of accuracy in your report and assist the police work all the time. If you find later that other items are missing, make sure to update your initial report with the police. Insurance claims involving theft and vandalism will require a great amount of supporting documentation. In addition to the police report, try to gather all documents that prove your ownership of the stolen / vandalized items, such as credit card statements, receipts, pictures, and any other supporting files.

The more documentation you can provide, the easier it will be to obtain a good settlement for your claim.

If you’ve been affected by theft or vandalism, Omni Claims Consultants can help you file your claim. Please, as soon as you finish your police report, call us. Our public adjusters will meet you at the property to evaluate damages and loses, review your policy, and assess claim viability. We will help you to thoroughly and carefully document your claim in order to prevent it from being denied or minimized by the insurance company.

By becoming involved since the very beginning of the claim, we can set the tone for the entire negotiation process and ensure that you receive the most from your insurance company. Omni Claim Consultants will represent your interest, not the insurance company. We will be there to advocate only for you and your property.

If vandalism or theft happened to you, remember to follow the proper steps:

  • Call the police immediately and report what had happened. It is crucial that you give the most truthful and accurate report to the police. Make sure all your stolen possessions and damages are listed on the report. 

  • If you discover more missing items and / or damaged possessions, contact the police again and update your report.

  • If you have broken doors, windows, walls, or other damages that may compromise the security of your home, try to remediate when possible.

  • Gather any evidence of ownership of the stolen or vandalized property: pictures, receipts, documentation, credit card statements, etc. 

  • Call Omni Claims Consultants

Remember, it’s important to have Omni Claims Consultants on your side right from the beginning. Give us a call today: we can help you recover your assets.

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